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  • Wallbase is the most essential wallpaper database on the internet. It's what I use to get all my desktop backgrounds, and definitely a great resource for anyone who wants to get some great wallpapers to complement their computer.
  • Simple Science Fitness compiles health and fitness information in understandable diagrams, all with cited scientific sources. This is a valuable tool because a lot of people work out for the sake of working out, without a sense of the underlying scientific knowledge that guides their workout process as well as results. It covers every aspect of fitness, from body composition to diet and workout methods.
  • TV Tropes is THE ultimate time-wasting/procrastination website on the internet. It is a user-content driven website, sort of like a Wikipedia for television and movies, but on steroids.
  • Aardam,the official site of the studio that created Wallace, the hapless yet well-meaning, cheese-loving inventor, and Gromit, his faithful canine companion, is a treasure trove of video clips.
  • Orisinal for dozens of free Web-based games, gorgeously designed and relatively simple to play, which is perfect for non-gamers looking for an engaging way to waste time.
  • Zefrank, a site began four years ago with "How To Dance Properly," a series of short looped video clips that web designer Frank posted online to amuse friends.
  • Miniclip is the one of the best bored? entertainment website to find tons of free games. Kids and adults can keep busy for hours trying to beat the top scores of their favorite games. There are games for everyone-puzzles, sports, trivia, strategy, card, classic arcade and more. This is strictly a gaming site; you won't find a lot of other entertainment content here.
  • Coffee Break Arcade is full of fun little games that are easy to learn and play. You can visit this site if you just have a few minutes to burn or need a quick break.

    This website is limited to games. You won't find movie clips, jokes or other forms of entertainment here.

  • Free Addicting Games is definitely a site to add to your favorites list and visit when you're bored or just need a break from work. There are hundreds amusing games and even some flash animations. The quality of the games varies from game to game. Some are great and some didn't impress us much. Browse the site for a few minutes and you're sure to find one that you like.

  • Ebaum's World is one of the most frequented entertainment websites on the Internet. This website has a little bit of everything-videos, games, soundboards, pictures, magic and more.

  • Stupidvideos is one of the most popular and largest databases of video clips on the web. You can see everything from crazy stunts to your favorite TV commercials. You can spend hours browsing and watching the collection of clips on this website. Like some of the other video sites, you won't find games or other forms of entertainment, just an array of videos.

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