Open Source e-Journals

Sl. No. Name of the resource
1 Internet Journal of Science
2 Molecular Vision
3 The Scientist, eScholarship Repository
4 The Journal of Law and Economics Electronic Edition
5 Journal of Labor Economics Electronic Edition
6 Journal of Statistics Education
7 Development E-Journal
8 International Journal of Futures Studies
9 IBM Systems Journals
10 International Labour Review
11 International Journal of Educational Technology
12 Information Research
13 Neural Computing Surveys
14 Information Technology and Disabilities
15 Chicago Journal of Theoretical Computer Science
16 Materials Research
17 IDEA- a Journal of Social Issues
18 Computers in Higher Education Economics Review 
19 Journal of Design Communication
20 Medical Journals
21 Journal of the American Association for History and Computing
22 Academic Leadership
23 African Journal of Biotechnology, 
24 Open J-Gate
25 Directory of Open Access Repositories
26 EPrints Archive of National Centre for Catalysis Research, India
27 Proceedings of National Academy of Science
28 Molecules
29 The New Scientist
30 Public Opinion Quarterly Electronic Edition
31 The Journal of Consumer Research Electronic Edition
32 Directory of Book Reviews on the Web
33 Chemistry & Chemical Engineering. Database
34 Issues in Science and Technology
35 Issues In Educational Research
36 International Journal of Education and Art
37 International Education
38 Information for Social Change
39 Journal of Information, Law and Technology
40 Electronic Journal of Structural Engineering
41 Technology Interface
42 Electronic Journal of IT in Construction
44 The Journal of Corrosion Science and Engineering
45 Directory of Open Access Journals
46 Dermatology Online Journal
47 American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Journal
48 Academy of Marketing Science Review
49 Networked Computer Science Technical Reference Library
50 World Digital Library Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
51 Bulletin of The Catalysis Society of India

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